6 Ways to Save on Storage Unit Rental

Sometimes, people rent Storage Units in Bronx to hold their belongings while they travel the world, while others need them when they move into the city. Regardless of the circumstances, if a customer is on a budget and they need storage, they can use the below tips to save money while getting the space they need.

Find a Unit That’s a Bit Further Away

Tenants are often willing to pay extra for nearby units. However, if regular access isn’t a concern, a customer can rent a unit that’s in an out-of-the-way location. Rates are typically lower, and customers may be able to get amenities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.


Skip Climate Control if It’s Not Necessary

Unless a tenant plans to store artwork, photos, electronics, or other fragile items, they don’t need a climate-controlled storage unit. Choosing a conventional unit can help a customer save money while keeping their belongings safe.

Don’t Get Drive-Up Access

If a tenant has a friend or two who’s willing to help move things upstairs and into the unit, they’re likely to find these units cheaper than the rest. Indoor units are often more secure because there’s another protective layer between them and the outside world.

Choose the Right Size Unit

When customers organize their belongings and pack them efficiently, it’s possible to fit a lot into a small area. Using stackable crates and totes can help tenants label and protect their belongings while using the space as efficiently as possible.

Provide a Lock

This step may not save a lot of money, but every little bit helps. When customers supply their own locks, they can avoid paying a higher price for the lock the facility provides. However, it’s important to choose a lock that can’t easily be broken.

Consider an Upfront Payment

If a tenant knows they’ll need a unit for a certain time, most facilities offer discounts for rent prepayment. The customer should first check to see whether they can extend the rental term if the situation requires it.

Renting Storage Units in Brooklyn comes with its share of risks, but there are ways to make the process easier. By following these tips, local tenants can find units that are safe, clean, and budget-friendly.

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